The Contest


English Submission Form

Arabic Submission Form


Arabic Submission Form


Arabic Submission Form

HOW TO ENTER: Use this list to help you organize your submission

  • Prepare your creative work and narrative (essays do not need to include a separate narrative)
  • Write the title of the entry, your full name, address, date and your signature on the reverse of the entry
  • Complete the application form (pages 3-4 of the submission form) 4- Pack carefully 5-Review the Rules and Regulations (pages 1-2 of the submission form)
  • Post your work and narrative to your country delivery address so that it arrives before January 20, 2008.

The participant may enter only once and may only submit one entry.
All entries and narratives must be original, created solely by the participant and never previously displayed or published.

Creative Expression Competition Rules and Regulations


• Children (includes children with diabetes, their family members or friends under 18)
• Adults with diabetes (ages 18 and older)
• Family members or friends of a person with diabetes
• Health care professionals

Short essay or poem, photograph(s), original drawing or painting, or music.


The judging panel in each country will be comprised of representatives from the participating associations and local Art Experts.
Participants from the Middle East will have the chance to participate in both the national and international contests.

Four grand prize winners (one for each participant group) will be chosen across all format categories.

Grand-Prize Winners (by participant group, across all format categories)*
National grand prize winners will receive a one-year membership in a health/social center and free painting/ art sessions.

Grand-Prize Winners (by participant group, across all format categories)*
$5,000 USD contribution to charity, trophy and an all-expense paid trip for the winner to attend the media briefing announcing the winners of the international competition, along with the opening of the international exhibition (health care professional winners are not eligible to receive this trip).
These prizes cannot be changed and are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. The competition and prizes are subject to applicable laws and regulations per country, which may prevent individuals from receiving the awards /benefits / acknowledgements of this program.

*Prizes awarded to health care professionals must be in accordance with the country applicable laws and regulations pertaining to interactions with health care providers

Size/Format of entries – Rules and Guidance notes

1- Artwork may take any form (collage, photography, fabric, painting, etc.) and must not be more than 43cm x 66cm (17” x 26”).
2- Oil paintings must be dry and provided on a wooden backboard.
3- Do not frame any artwork.
4- Write the title of the composition, your full name and address with the date and your signature on the reverse of the artwork.     To protect your privacy please do not sign the front of your artwork with your full name.
5- A written narrative must be included with the entry to be considered in the competition.
6- Only entries that comply with the size/packaging/format requirements will be eligible.

Up to 3 photographs may be provided. Photos may be saved onto a CDROM but prints will also be accepted. Photos saved onto a CDROM (in jpeg or tiff file format) should be in the highest resolution possible – at least 300 dpi and 8×10 in size is recommended. A written narrative must be included with the entry to be considered in the competition.

Essay or poem should be no more than 500 words in length and may be sent in hardcopy form or saved onto a CDROM in a word processing format. A printout of the poem or essay should also be provided if the entry is on CDROM. A separate written narrative is not required.

Original musical composition should not be longer than 3 minutes. It can be saved onto a CDROM as an audio file (mp3).
A printout of the sheet music or equivalent composition and lyrics (if included) should also be submitted. Hand-written sheet music is also accepted. If lyrics are part of your composition, they should also be recorded as part of the audio file submitted. Compositions sampling professional copyrighted or otherwise licensed music will not be accepted. A written narrative must be included with the entry to be considered in the competition.

Please carefully follow the packing details:
1- Place paper around the art and wrap it well.
2- Insert your application form and artwork into a bubble-wrapped or padded envelop.
3- Add the address of the competition on the front of the envelope, plus your full name and address on the reverse.
4- The application form and the narrative must also be completed and sent with the entry.
The Sponsor, competition administrators and organizers are not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, illegible, damaged, misdirected or postage-due mail. The participant assumes all responsibility for properly packing and posting the entry as well as all responsibility for any damage incurred in transit. All entries should be posted at the participant’s cost to arrive no later than January 20, 2008 to the delivery address of his country.

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