Good News and Better News

So ‘Inspired by Diabetes’ is nearly finished!!! You’ll notice that I’m writing that it’s nearly finished on the supposed deadline. So you know what that means? Yup, the deadline has been extended. The new deadline for the Middle East is now January 31, 2008, a whole 11 days extension. Now you have more reasons to finish up that song, drawing, poem, etc. The global deadline has been pushed back two months to March 31, 2008. Visit or for information on the regional and global competition.

So all three regions for the regional competition have been really busy.

In Lebanon, Eli Lilly and the Lebanese Diabetes Society gave a presentation to patients and staff at the Mount Lebanon Hospital in Beirut. There has since been plenty of press and TV interviews with IBD spokespeople.

In Egypt, there was a large press conference and double the expected media showed up. We have since been receiving great coverage online, through print and broadcast.

In UAE, as is described below in an earlier post, Rock/Funk group ABRI have signed on as regional judges for the competition. This news has also spread quickly and is starting to proliferate online through Zawya, Eye of Dubai and Dubai Bands. Interviews are planned this week for many magazines so keep your eyes (and ears) open for that.

So keep spreading the word and keep on submitting to the competition. Let’s raise awareness together so that we can all be ‘inspired’.


Nightline Podcast

Here is the link to the podcast from Dubai Eye’s Nightline with James Piecowye. If you missed the show, take a listen. This is important information that you need to know about managing and preventing diabetes.

Tonight on Nightline with James Piecowye

Tonight James Piecowye will be speaking with one of the UAE’s most respected diabetes specialists, Dr. Amel B El Tayeb, Director of the Diabetes & Endocrine Center at Dubai Healthcare City and formerly of Hammersmith Hospital UK & Dubai Hospital. Dr. Tayeb, whose research interests include diabetes, cholesterol & heart disease, obesity, thyroid disorders & osteoporosis will answer caller questions about diabetes and specifically, the cultural and environmental factors that make this region one of the worst in the world for cases of the disease.

Tune into Dubai Eye 103.8 tonight, November 27 between 8 and 10 p.m. and join in the discussion.