New Years: a resolution

With the New Year approaching, I think we should all take a moment to consider how we might resolve to improve our health. There are many steps we can take to lead healthier lifestyles, and it is especially easy to make changes in our lives that will help to prevent or manage diabetes. I’m compiling a list of New Years resolutions. Feel free to help me out by suggesting your own.

1) Get outside! – Go for a walk, hike, play a sport, go swimming, do some gardening, go to a park, take the stairs, just be more active.
2) Eat better! – Stop eating starchy foods, junk food and foods with high fat content. Eat more vegitables, fibre, fish, fruits and whole grains. Make a habit of cooking at home.
3) Exercise! – In addition to being more active, participate in regular physical exercise whether that means going to the gym, running, playing a sport, cycling or beach volleyball.
4) Drink more water! – Put down the soda, drink water.
5) Laugh! – See my previous post about humour and the positive health benefits. Having fun and laughing shouldn’t be something we need to resolve to do… a lot of people simply don’t laugh enough.
6) Sleep better – Notice how I didn’t say ‘sleep more’, that’s because it is more important to have a consistent sleep routine with few nightly interruptions.
7) Quit smoking – Smoking is bad in so many ways but it increases the risk of diabetes and in turn the risk of heart attack and stroke.
8) Relax – Take some time for yourself and enjoy life. Stress raises blood pressure and can have serious negative affects on a person’s health.

These are going to be my resolutions this year. What healthy life changes are you making for your New Year’s resolution?


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  1. Really nice post – thanx for sharing

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