Glucoboy: Diabetes Management for Your DS or GBA

This is a great idea. Nintendo is really smart.

Posted by Jonathan on Monday, December 3rd, 2007 at 5:20 on Gaming Today: News for Gamers

glucoboy1.jpgThe DS can do a lot of things these days: tune into TV, test your brain, make you look like a fool whenever your asked to blow into the mic while playing it out in public. But it looks like Nintendo’s little device has just gotten a new use with the “Glucoboy.” The Glucoboy is essentially a glucose monitor that plugs into a GBA or the GBA slot on a DS. The cartridge is intended to make diabetes management more fun for younger users by awarding points each time they perform a test. More points are awarded for falling within specific blood sugar limits, which can then be spent in the two included games or in the GRiP (Guidance Reward Platform) community for accessories, apparel, and cards for one of the games, called “Knock ‘Em Downs.”

The device was introduced a couple weeks ago in Australia for World Diabetes Day, and was created by Paul Wessel. Wessel came up with the idea when he noticed his 9-year old son would always misplace his glucose monitor, but could always find his Gameboy. It took him three years to get Nintendo’s approval, but now he has a great gadget in production to help diabetic kids keep track of their blood sugar level. Hopefully though, this doesn’t start a trend of games that require human blood to play.


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